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We bring the best instructors, the latest generation in computer equipment, award winning software, digital pens and pads, projector…

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Kindy’s Cartoons for JK & SK
Fun Computer Animated Cartoons

Kids will learn to create simple and fun animations. Using an award winning software with easy to use drawing tools and fun templates, kids will learn to
create simple and fun animations!!!

Kids will choose a colored background or choose a background and color it themselves! Then, they will simply add characters such as shapes, animals, vehicles, people…  …or draw their own character on a story, where they decide what happens!!!

Animation Workshops  (Grades 1 to 5)

Growth and changes in Animals and plants, movement
 in simple machines, stability in
 properties of liquids and solids, air and water in the environment, story telling…. And more!!!!


Web and Blog Creation (Grades 6 to 8)

Bring your students and create the best websites and blogs with us. We will use WordPress, a widely used platform to develop websites and blogs. With this simple, yet powerful software user’s interface, students will be able to easily and quickly build a fully functional web and blog sites in no time. Students will learn how easy and simple it is to create a website and blogs without writing a single line of code.


Video Game Creation (Grades 4 to 8)

This course is oriented for students with no previous knowledge of programing and does not use a single line of code. We use a new visual programming language made specifically for creating games. It is designed to be accessible for children and enjoyable for anyone. At the end of this course, students will be able to run their own games on a PC and Xbox. All games must follow our non-violence policy.


NEW APP development for IOS (IPhone and IPad) and Android devices (Games edition) (Grades 7 and 8)

Students design and develop their very own mobile game with the gamesalad development tool—the most popular game development tool for independent game programmers. The engine is accessible to everyone, from beginners to professionals. Gamesalad offers a multi-platform engine to create a game where you can import art assets and build your own gameplay mechanics. Dare to create the next blockbuster mobile game? Then join us on this exciting course.
Note: If you’d like us to try to download your game to your iOS or Android™ device, it must be officially supported and updated to the latest software version. KGM is NOT responsible for lost, damaged or stolen equipment.


Video animation for teens (Grades 7 and 8)

Use the same software the pros use to create the TV shows Family Guy and American Dad!.Touching on all aspects of animation creation, the Toon Boom Studio course is a dedicated program of animation exercises designed to help you develop the animation techniques and skills necessary to get the most out of this award winning software.

No previous knowledge is needed for this course.

Intro to programming for Kids (Grades 3 to 6)

Introduction to computer programming for the youngest members of the family.

The MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Scratch, makes it easy to create your own interactive stories and animations.

As kids create their projects, they learn the basic concepts of programming, important mathematical and computational ideas, while also learning to think creatively and work collaboratively.

This course is part of our intelligent screen time series where students have fun while creating their own universe with a simple to understand, yet powerful computer language.



JAVA programming for Beginners with Alice from the Carnegie Mellon University (Grades 7 and 8)

Computer JAVA Programming for beginners with ALICE  (Carnegie Mellon University) Our course allows students to learn fundamental programming concepts from a very younge age, in the context of creating animated movies and simple video games . Students create objects (e.g., people, animals, vehicles) populate a virtual world and create a program to animate the objects. With an interactive interface, students drag and drop graphic tiles to create a program, where the instructions correspond to standard statements in JAVA. By the end of the week, students will be able to run their programs on a PC or MAC.


Please contact us to find out more about our courses for schools or if you are working on a specific topic, we can assist you and create a specific course for your needs.